Bingara Central School News: June 24, 2010 (Week 10, Term 2)

June 25, 2010

Joseph Succeeds on Many Levels
Our season of five sell out performances underlines the success of this venture.

This success can be measured in many different ways. The standing ovations, the talk in the street, children singing the songs in the playground all demonstrate how the whole school community has participated and enjoyed this success.

There were some great individual performances and we all acknowledge the great talent of Ben Nelson from Warialda High School as Joseph. Emily Price and Montana McCosker filled the narrator roles so well, telling the story line in song.

The sheep and goats, hairy Ishmaelites and marketeers all made a great contribution as did the brothers, Jacob and Potiphar. All the cast, the choir and orchestra played their parts in making this performance such a great success.

Although staging this performance did impact on classroom teaching and learning, everyone has acknowledged that the students have learned so much in other ways. One aspect of learning that has been most apparent is that excellence is only achieved through persistence. This is an important lesson, and Joseph has shown that  excellence is achievable.

Thankyou once again to the North West Theatre Company for their participation, the Gwydir Shire Council for their support and Country Energy for their sponsorship. The involvement of parents and community has been outstanding and that has been greatly appreciated.

The SRC is offering a DVD and still photographs will be  available on photographer Julie Alley’s web site. 

Mark Vale