Bingara Central School News: June 25, 2009 (Week 9, Term 2)

June 29, 2009

On Wednesday, the 24thof June, 42 keen Bingara Central School students travelled to Barraba to compete in OzTag, Netball and Rugby League. 

The Netball girls enjoyed two competitive games against the Barraba girls in preparation for next weeks CHS knockout carnival in Inverell. Both games were very close and Ms Moore and Mrs Marshall both agreed that our girls have shown great improvement since the beginning of the season and are playing well as a team. 

The OzTag team showed excellent sportsmanship. We put on a mixed team as a follow on from our lunchtime competition Mr McGowan has been running. It is excelle to see nt  both male and female students playing in the same team and all contributing to the game. 

The Under 14 years Rugby League boys enjoyed a tough game against boys their senior. Mr Wright was impressed by their persistence and teamwork. 

The return bus trip home saw comments such as, “When can we play again?”, “Our school really is a great place!” and compliments to students from others as to how well they played. All lovely comments to hear! 

The teachers who attended, Mr McGowan, Mr Wright, Ms Moore and Mrs Marshall, would like to congratulate the students who travelled to Barraba (from right across the Secondary, Year’s 7- 11) on their willingness to participate, their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour. You are a credit to our school! 
Mrs Brooke Marshall. 

This winter, swine flu will be circulating with the seasonal flu viruses. It is especially important to protect our students and staff from the spread of flu this winter.  

We are asking parents and carers of any child with flu symptoms to keep them at home until they are well. Symptoms of flu include fever with a sore throat or cough, muscle aches and pains or unus  tiredness. We need to continue to promote good hygiene practices at home and at school to try to limit the spread of the virus and my advice is that children should not return to school until they are well. 

Mark Vale