Bingara Central School News: June 9, 2009 (Week 7, Term 2)

June 15, 2009

This is the final week of teacher Stephanie Greacen’s practicum in the Year 2 class with Mr Alliston which has lasted for six weeks. Like Tom Groth in the secondary earlier this term, these periods of ‘prac teaching’ for new teachers are an important part of their career development. Combined with four years of university training the experience beginning teachers gain in real classrooms is often the best preparation for a career in teaching. 

Both these teachers have enjoyed a positive experience working with students and staff at Bingara Central School. Students also benefit. New teachers bring new ideas and methods to their classrooms and students can benefit from this change.

I wish both these beginning teachers a bright and rewarding future as professional classroom teachers.  Next week Bingara Central School will host 8 beginning teachers from universities in Newcastle and Western Sydney in a program called “Beyond the Line”.

For three days these teachers from city locations will come to the bush to discover what it is like to work in communities west of the Dividing Range. We are looking forward to hosting them and showing how rewarding it can be to work in country schools with country kids. 

Mark Vale