Bingara Central School News: March 11, 2010 (Week 7, Term 1)

March 12, 2010

There is a lot of comment in the media at present about issues to do with bullying at school. I have included one such article about supermodel Nicole Trunfio from the Telegraph this week.

This article shows bullying can have a serious impact on the lives of young people. Our young people at Bingara are no exception. The Department of Education and the school have policies which we follow in this regard. We regularly teach and offer strategies to combat the negative aspects of bullying and to give students strategies to effectively deal with bullying.

I do not believe bullying at our school is any worse than is endemic in our society generally, and we certainly do not ignore reports that we do receive from time to time. As Nicole Trunfio shows, with the right strategies, some resilience and a goal, students can defeat bullying and achieve great things. Mark Vale Principal