Bingara Central School News: March 12, 2009 (Week 7, Term 1)

March 17, 2009

A Learning Assistance team has been established at Bingara Central School to address the needs of students enrolled in regular classes who are experiencing difficulties in learning. I would like to introduce the team, as two are new staff members.

Chris Whitfeld, who has worked at Bingara Central School for many years and currently works three days per week, has returned for an extra day to work in the role of Support Teacher Learning Assistance. Chris will utilise this time by working with individuals and small groups of students from secondary classes to assist them to achieve at a higher level than they might otherwise have done.

Gyps Curmi is a new appointment to Bingara Central School working two days per week here and two days at Barraba Central School in the role of School Learning Support Coordinator. This is a new role in schools and Bingara is fortunate to be in the first three year trial of the program. Gyps will assist teachers to prepare and deliver classroom resources specifically targeted towards individual students. Gyps will work across the school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Mr Paul Alliston has been appointed to the school one day per week as a Student Welfare Teacher. This role is in lieu of a school counsellor since there are insufficient counsellors to meet the requirements of  schools in the region. Paul will work to support students who are having difficulty meeting school requirements or who are experiencing troubles outside of school. Paul will also work a second day per week in consultation with both Chris and Gyps to support teaching and learning in classrooms Kindergarten to Year 12.

I especially welcome the two new teachers to Bingara Central School and the team to these new roles within the school. I expect that students across the school will benefit greatly from their professional expertise in the important area of Learning Assistance.

Mark Vale