Bingara Central School News: May 12, 2011 (Week 3, Term 2)

May 13, 2011

This term we will take our first steps on our journey towards becoming a PBL school. PBL is a whole school culture that seeks to develop the social competence and academic and vocational achievement of all of our students.

To be effective, PBL must engage students and staff in a genuine partnership based on an agreed set of values. The development of our PBL program will be guided by Regional PBL consultant Alice Cairns who was in school on Wednesday assisting us with getting things started. 

We held our first PBL team meeting on Wednesday morning which included both Primary and Secondary teaching staff and Year 10 student Emily Price. We adopted an action plan that we will follow over the next 12months. The plan begins with the collection of data as a reference point. To this end Alice and Jon Alliston conducted survey questions of teachers and students across the school on Wednesday. Over the next few weeks the emphasis will be on developing a set of shared school values. To achieve this we have to engage students and community. Once we have settled on our values we will want to develop a logo that reflects those values and our local identity. Ultimately our goal is to have a celebration and launch of PBL in Term 1, 2012. 

This is an exciting initiative that I expect will have real benefits for all or our students by improving what is already an excellent foundation. We have a school to be proud of now with excellent facilities and great students. However there is always opportunity for improvement and I believe PBL is a means to achieving this end.

Our annual cross country carnival, held at the show ground last Friday, was another great success. Students enjoyed their participation and many tried their very best. Congratulations to our age champions. Infants had a wonderful time enjoying their ‘competition’. Thank you to the many supporters who came along and enjoyed the event as spectators, adding considerably to the atmosphere and overall success of the day.

Mark Vale Principal