Bingara Central School News: May 14, 2009 (Week 3 Term 2)

May 20, 2009

Golf Club Volunteers and Primary Industries Students
working together to benefit each other 

Everyone is a winner from this working relationship between volunteers who maintain the golf course and students studying the vocational course Primary Industries. The golf course, which is part of the Bingara Sporting Club, is maintained entirely by volunteer labour. The course, which is a real asset for the town, is always in excellent order and all players appreciate the high standard of the greens and fairways.

Students, studying vocational courses such as Primary Industries, require practical experiences to meet certain competencies associated with the course of study. These students require experience operating, maintaining and servicing machinery.

To meet these competencies, in a real and practical sense, the Primary Industries students have accepted the responsibility for maintaining a part of the golf course. To do this they are required to maintain and operate tractors and mowers. Students have learned the skills necessary to achieve these competencies by working along side the volunteers. In turn this has lightened the work load for the volunteers. The result is that students meet the requirements of their course, the volunteers work load is lessened and the golfers continue to enjoy the well presented golf course.

Well done to all concerned, including Primary Industries teacher Mark McGowan, for establishing the program.  Bingara Central School certainly appreciates this opportunity for students to both benefit and support the golf club.

Mark Vale