Bingara Central School News: May 29, 2009 (Week 5, Term 2)

June 4, 2009

Education Week
This has been a great week at school, capped off by an outstanding assembly on Thursday. So much excellent student achievement was celebrated across both Primary and Secondary departments.

The four pillars of Public Education, academic, sporting, performing arts and leadership, were evident.  Student academic achievement was recognised, sporting successes were acknowledged, we were entertained by students musical and singing performances and student leadership was evident.

It is very reassuring to see that there is so much opportunity for students to succeed at Bingara Central School. The array of pictures in the newsletter helps tell the story.  Our Regional Award winners, Kristen Heal, Kathy Groth and Narelle Watts were presented with their certificates in Moree on Monday. Our secondary Public Speaking finalists, Ally Dixon (Junior) and Kristen Heal (Senior) presented their excellent speeches.

The primary choir performed “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” beautifully and the band soloists Ally and Tori Dixon played their instruments fantastically. So many awards and certificates were given to students for excellence in their classroom work and for participation in external assessments and competitions that they can not all be mentioned here and teachers Fiona Craddock and Tamara Doyle were also presented with Department of Education Certificates by students from their classes. 

Education Week will conclude with the All Schools Carnival on Saturday. This is a great event for the town and offers wonderful opportunity for students from surrounding districts to participate in a friendly, competitive environment. 

Mark Vale