Bingara Central School News: November 26, 2009 (Week 6, Term 4)

November 28, 2009

On Wednesday we held a special whole school assembly in the auditorium to recognise a range of students achievements. First, as part of the student wellbeing ‘You Can Do It’ program, many students are now reaching Gold level Awards which recognise a positive attitude and application throughout the year. Students can now be working towards ‘Awards of Excellence’ which will be presented at Presentation Night on Monday 14th December.

Secondly, Participation and Achievement certificate were presented to students who had entered the ICAS Academic Competitions in English and Mathematics. Students who participate in these competitions grow in confidence and ability. So well done to all participants.

Third, students from Year 3 to Year 7 participated this year in the CMA Write a Reader Competition. This regional competition encourages environmental education through students writing illustrated story books for other young readers. Many of the entries were recognised for their high standards in both writing and illustrating.

However, the most outstanding work was by Kelsey Cooper in Year 7. Kelsey’s story, titled “Cameron’s Birthday” has been published as a book and is being distributed with other winners, to schools throughout the region. Congratulations to Kelsey.

All these awards presented to students across the school, confirm the opportunity and high achievements of Bingara Central School students.

Year 9 and 10 boys, from the Metal Engineering class, are doing some outstanding work at the showgrounds. A grant received by the showground trust is funding improvements to horse stalls in one of the pavilions. The boys, under the supervision of David Bilsborough, teacher Mark McGowan  and volunteers from the Pony Club, are welding up new stalls. This is a great community service and a wonderful opportunity for the boys to gain practical experience in a real situation. This ‘Service Learning’ benefits everyone and has been shown to be a very powerful form of education. Congratulations to all those involved.

Mark Vale, Principal