Bingara Central School News: Octobe 22, 2009 (Week 1, Term 4)

October 30, 2009

Five students, John Bancroft-Arnott, Josh Miller, Jane O’Brien, Matt O’Rourke and Kelly Welsh will be the first Bingara Central School students ever to sit HSC exams here in Bingara, having studied to Year 12 at Bingara Central School.

The exams, spread over the next three weeks and being held at the Bingara Community College campus in the former St Mary’s school building, began with English on Wednesday 21st October. This will be followed by a second English paper on Friday then Maths, Ancient History, VET Business Services, VET Retail, Science and VET IT.

In addition to these Year 12 students, Year 11 students Kristen Heal and Jade Dixon will sit HSC exams in VET Retail as a pathway toward completion of their HSC next year. Congratulations to all these students on making history in this way and the school wishes them every success in their exams and their future beyond school.

The School Certificate examinations for Year 10 are not far off either. Tests in English, Maths, Science and HSIE will be held in Week 4 on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of November.

Term four begins this week after a well earned break for school holidays. This term is a short eight and a half weeks as a result of two long eleven week terms earlier in the year. Students will finish on Wednesday 16th December while teachers, for the first time, will end the year with a staff development pupil free day on Thursday 17th December.

Like always, this will be another busy term. Year 12 HSC exams begin this week, Year 10 School Certificate exams are in Week 4 and the Year 8 Science ESSA test is in Week 6. Year 10 Gold Coast excursion is in Week 7 and Presentation Night is in Week 9 on Monday 14th December at The Roxy. Despite all of these and other events students will be kept busy with teaching and learning across all curriculum areas.

This week sees construction begin of the new Infants and Primary covered shelter area on the western side of the school adjacent to the oval. Funding for this project was provided by the Federal Governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’. The shelter will provide a covered, dust free area for children to eat their recess and lunch as well as being useful for other activities and weekend cricket.

Mark Vale