Bingara Central School News: Week 4, Term 4 (November 3, 2011)

November 8, 2011

Our student wellbeing program Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) continues to develop steadily throughout the school. Students awareness of the key element, the acceptance of a core set of values, continues to grow as a result of explicit teaching of the meaning of a range of values.

Once students have a clear understanding of these values we will be asking them to select a small number of values most important to them. However we want PBL to be something that guides students in their behaviour beyond the school and into the community.

To this end we are asking our community to have their say as to what should be our shared values. This can be done by ‘voting’ on a slip and placing it in boxes located at many businesses in town. They are easily recognisable with colourfully designed student posters and flyers to explain the concept. 

Please look out for these and have your say in helping us to decide the most important values that we should embrace. Students will have the chance to make their choice in a weeks time.

Each year at this time we provide the opportunity for parents and their children to make informed choices about next year. These transition programs extend across the school. Next years Kindergarten students have begun a program of four Friday visits that become longer and more challenging each time.This is how they become familiar and prepared for ‘big school’ next year.

In Week 7, Year 6 students will have the opportunity to experience some days in the life of high school. They will become more familiar with the high school environment through some high school lessons and other orientation activities. This will continue through to the “Welcome to Year 7’ camp in Term 1 next year.

There are a number of parent evenings scheduled in the next few weeks and I strongly encourage parents and students to engage with teachers in planning their pathway through school. Through 13 years of schooling at Bingara Central School any outcome is possible. Many past students have shown this.

However, the best outcomes are achieved by those who apply themselves, take responsibility for their own outcomes and work in a shared environment between school, family and the community.      

Mark Vale