Bingara Central School’s Student Representative Council induction

March 18, 2013

Special guests from the National Servicemen’s association, Mr John Carruthers and Ms Kay Gillies were pleased to take part in the SRC induction ceremony at Bingara Central School last Friday week.

For most of the 18 years the Nashos have been coming to Bingara, an official visit to the school has been on the Nashos agenda.

In a full program, Senior Vice Captain Ellen Odell welcomed the special guests. Acknowledgement of Country was made by Natasha Cooper, and Clayton Southwell took the School Pledge.

In her address at the ceremony, Deputy Mayor, Catherine Egan spoke about the school’s adopted themes of respect, honesty and pride. These themes, she said had been adopted after extensive consultation by the students with the wider community.

“It is what the school, the students and the community want,” Cr. Egan said.

The recent success of former student Owen Bilsborough who graduated as a nurse, picking up two major awards, after a career in the travel industry, is just one example of how Bingara Central students can and do achieve success.

The other former student Cr. Egan spoke about was Channel 7 reporter, Hugh Whitfeld whose chosen field of journalism has taken him to many places.

Cr. Egan’s words were echoed by Principal, Mark Vale. Captains Ally Dixon and Natasha Cooper also both addressed the assembly.

Bob Johnston, Deputy Principal, closed the proceedings after which guests and students enjoyed morning tea.

The Sporting House captains were presented with their badges by Mr Trevor Galvin.

Secondary House Leaders are: Fraser; Captains – Andrew Weber and Ellen Odell, Vice Captains – Ally Dixon and Kurtis Brennan. Laver; Captains – Matthew O’Conner and Gabby Rampling, Vice Captains – Lucie Boyle and Jamie Mullard. Bradman; Captains – Katie Booth and Taylor Holland-Wright, Vice Captains – Kelsey Cooper and Jye Barendsen.

Primary House Leaders are: Fraser; Captain – Joseph Smythe, Vice Captain – Petah Butler. Laver: Captain – Jessie Southwell, Vice Captains – William Carr and Lachlan Swan. Bradman; Captain – Lachlan Starr, Vice Captain – Sharna Frewen.

2013 SRC
The Inductees of the Student Representative Council: Back row, L to R: Liam Mack Year 6, Matthew Callaway Year 7, Lachlan Butler Year 8, Maddison Iskov Year 6, Gabby Rampling Year 11, Joanne McGowan Year 8, Maryellen Honeysett Year 10, Charlotte Odell Year 9.

Front row, L to R: Brock Mullard Year 7, Dylan Butler Year 8, Clayton Southwell Year 6, Primary Vice Captain, Ellen Odell Year 12, Secondary Vice Captain, Ally Dixon Year 12, Secondary Captain, Natasha Cooper Year 6, Primary Captain, Kelsey Cooper Year 11, Lucie Boyle Year 11.

Absent: Jack Walton and Shannon McGarrity both from Year 10, Madeline Coombes and Crystal Cooper Year 9 and Angelica Frewen Year 6.