Bingara Central to offer Years 11 and 12

October 13, 2007

Educational opportunities for local students will receive a further boost with Bingara Central School offering Higher School Certificate studies from next year. The Minister for Education and Training, John Della Bosca announced the addition of Year 11 and 12 studies last week.

Bingara Central School Principal, Peter Macbeth has no doubts about the benefits for students and the community. “This offers exciting new educational opportunities,” Mr Macbeth said. “Students can now enjoy the advantages of undertaking all their schooling at Bingara Central. “They will benefit from the close understanding that teachers have of each individual student’s learning needs and continue to share the strong associations, support and friendship from pre-school through to the HSC.

“As a small school, students will learn in classes with very favourable student-teacher ratios and have access to the latest learning technology. “The school’s membership of the Gwydir Learning Region will continue. “Other options will take advantage of the collaborative links that can only be offered through the statewide network of public schools, plus students can choose opportunities through TAFE and distance education.

“Although the emphasis will be on face-to-face classroom teaching, it is important to know that our school has an enormous technical capacity through our recent installation of video conferencing facilities, smartboards, new computers and other technical equipment. “These resources will be used to support and assist students in all facets of the learning.

Mr Macbeth expects that that there will be additions to staff to cover Years 11 and 12. “This is not only great for the students and the school, but it will enhance our local community and the economy,” Mr Macbeth said.

“I encourage everyone to make our new teachers welcome and encourage their participation in everything our community has to offer.”

Mr Macbeth said the new Higher School Certificate studies will be introduce with the first Year 11 class next year and the first HSC exams at Bingara Central School anticipated in 2009.

He urged parents of students planning to do the HSC in forthcoming years, including parents of senior primary students who were planning their children’s future, to talk about the advantages of continuing studies at Bingara Central School.
“I welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who would like to talk about HSC at Bingara Central,” Mr Macbeth said.