Bingara cleans up this weekend

March 22, 2013

Due to heavy rain and local waterway flooding events in early March, Clean Up Australia Day at Bingara has been postponed until this Sunday March 24.

The focus of attention for this year’s Clean Up efforts will once again be local water ways and other iconic sites.  It will be interesting to see what volunteers find this year after recent flooding events; there will probably be a few surprises!

There have, sadly, been further recent reports of littering and illegal dumping at the Rocky Creek Glacial Area.  This is a popular local swimming hole, as well as being an internationally renowned tourist destination, especially for geologists.

The Rocky Creek Glacial Area is one of the oldest known Glacial Areas in the world, estimated to have been formed over 300 million years ago.  Identifiable glacial rocks can be found at their best 500 metres upstream.

Weathering in this area has produced magnificent conglomerate and sandstone formations.  This starkly contrasts to the litter that some humans choose to leave behind in this area.

Litter can leave a lasting impression in the minds of locals and visitors alike, overshadowing the magnificent ancient land they have come to visit.

Once again Bingara SES have nominated the Glacial Area for Clean Up but this year they will be ably assisted by the Bingara Lions and Leo’s Clubs.

Come on, why don’t you be a good sport, lend a hand this Sunday.

Registrations will be from 7 am at Cunningham Park (“The Train Park”) this Sunday.
Please wear sensible shoes, comfortable clothes and a hat.  Bring sunscreen and tools.

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Time:  9:00 am
Designated site:  The Junction Park and riverbank area from Hall’s Creek to the Golf Course.

The Bingara Lion’s Club will be providing a free lunch for all registered volunteers. To help with catering please let me know by this Friday evening if you can attend to lend a hand.