Bingara Community keeps giving back!

September 28, 2015

The Bingara Community may be small in number but it has a huge heart and an incredible capacity to keep giving.

In this week’s Bingara Advocate there are no less than 3 article on the generous donation of money and items to local organisation.

  • Allister Lemin, Chairman of Bingara Legacy wrote to the editor to say that the Bingara Branch of Legacy raised $2,349.25 through sales of merchandise and raffles on Legacy Day, despite the inclement weather.
  • Bingara United Hospital Auxiliary provided financial assistance to purchase equipment for the Bingara MPS.  A $9000 Accuvein and two pressure mattresses were their most recent donations.  [ Read more… ]
  • The Bingara Basketball Association Committee has been inactive for several years, so the committee, both past and present made the decision to release their hard earned funds back in to the Bingara community.  Some worthy recipients include Westpac Helicopter, Touriandi Lodge, Multi Purpose Centre, Bingara Fitness Centre, Bingara Central School P & C Association, Bingara Central School Canteen Support Committee.  [ Read more… ]

Looking through the news items on this website you can see countless other examples of the Bingara Community donating both their dollars and their time.