Bingara families chip in for ‘Family Tree orchard’ at The Living Classroom

July 22, 2013

Bingara and District Vision 2020 officials Garry McDouall and Rick Hutton were busy at the Orange Festival collecting expressions of interest in the Family Tree orchard at the Living Classroom.

So far, a total of 55 trees have been purchased across the community. Those expressing interest at the Bingara Show and the Orange Festival will soon receive an information sheet and an invoice/receipt.

Enough trees have now been committed for the first orchard, now a second one is on the drawing board to expand the concept.

Already about 12 trees are in the ground. They were planted when Landline was in Bingara covering the story. The rest will be planted on Thursday morning.

The trees are all low chill, sub tropical varieties of apples and pears suitable for our climate. Companion plantings will take place to reduce coddling moth and fruit fly.

Leeks, chives, garlic, nasturtiums, and comfrey are some being considered.