Bingara film makers win at film festival

September 25, 2009

Three students from Bingara, studying Certificate 3 Media at TAFE were amongst the winners at the North West Film Festival, held in Bingara on the weekend.

Brothers, John and Josh Bancroft, attend Bingara Central School, and are studying at TAFE through the school.  Former Bingara Central School student, Braydon Logan, who now lives in Inverell, is also enrolled in the course and, with John and Josh, was involved in the production of the film, ‘Pole Cats of the Night’, which won the TAFE Documentary section at the Festival.

The short film ‘starred’ cats that lurk in Maitland Street, Bingara, during the night.  “I was surprised at the number of cats that are up the street in the night, then you don’t see them in the day time,” John said.  “We thought it would take a week of filming, but we did it in two nights,”John said.

The filming was done on John’s own camera, using infra red ‘nightshot’, then edited at the Inverell TAFE. John and Braydon did the voice-overs to go with the footage of cats, and Josh assisted with editing and some of the sound.

Braydon was unable to attend the film festival, but John and Josh were there to accept the award. John said he was surprised the film had won. The audience responded to the humour of the film.