Bingara Hatchery lands sponsorship deal

May 18, 2007

Foster’s Group, through their Business Development Executive, Jim Simmons and Business Development Manager, Vaughan Peters, have made an exciting proposal to the Bingara community.

Jim had been very impressed by the organisation and focus shown by the community after sponsoring the Bingara and District VISION 20/20 hosted EXPOFISH Seafood Dinner in March. The importance and success of the Bingara Hatchery discussed at that forum, got him thinking about ways and means of giving support to its operation.

At a meeting of the Bingara liquor licencees held on Monday May 7, Jim and Vaughan proposed a six month sponsorship of the Bingara Hatchery whereby Foster’s contribute ten cents for every litre of their beer products bought by the five Bingara licencees. The sponsorship would commence on July 1 and end on December 31, 2007.

With the new release of the VB Mid Strength Lager and a strong stable of established brands like VB Bitter, Crown Lager, Crown Gold, Cascade, Sterling, and Carlton, the Bingara licencees were delighted to accept and support the offer.

Bingara Angler’s Club President, Stephen Apthorpe also attended the meeting and explained how the Hatchery operates with Gwydir Shire Council support, and with an annual budget of less than $10,000. Stephen explained that the electricity bill alone is about $3,000.

Jim Simmons estimated that on current Foster’s sales into Bingara, the sponsorship will be worth between $2.5K and $3K dollars, and that Foster’s would put a ceiling on the offer of $5K.

As an additional support for Bingara, Foster’s have given their assistance towards the Dinner for the Bingara Web-Site Launch on May 25, at the Roxy Theatre.The new VB Mid Strength beer and the Rosemount Diamond Label, Cab-Merlot and Chardonnay – Semillon will be featured as tastings at the Dinner.