Bingara Library moves to Court House building

February 20, 2009

Gwydir Shire Council has relocated the Bingara Branch of the Northern Regional Library to the Neighbourhood Centre located at the Old Bingara Court House.

This has been made possible with State Funding of $20,252 being made available to Council from the NSW State Library Local Priority Funding Program.

Council has also applied for additional from the 2008/2009 Library Development Grant Program. If successful, these funds will allow a full refurbishment of the library furniture and expansion of the library collection and services.  The successful applicants for these funds will be notified in February and Council is hopeful that their application will be successful.

The space in Council Offices which previously housed the library collection has been converted into a useful waiting room and meeting space.

The additional Local Priority Funding was sought to assist in the relocation of Councils Library to the Bingara Court House and to assist in specific projects and resources aimed to meet local needs.

In the Councils application, funds were requested for the following projects and resources:

• Children’s Library Audio Visual Equipment – Plasma 42" TV, Sound System and DVD Player and associated licence(s) $4999.00 (To be utilised by Local Play Groups, Visiting Schools, Vacation Care Program and other users on demand.)

• One computer solely dedicated to Vision Impaired Patrons. $2500.00

• Upgrade of Existing Disabled Access to meet Guidelines. (Note a second disabled access is planned on the other side of the building as part of the upgrade.) $1,259.00.

• Put in pathway around side of building to allow access to public toilets to save the public having to exit the building and gain access via the Street. $4000.00

• Promotion of the New Services including an Open Day Launch, School and Preschool Specific Promotions, local invitations to targeted interest groups such as book clubs, play group, senior citizens groups. $2500.00

• Print, Electronic and Notice Board Promotions to the public throughout the region.$2,500.00.

• Signage for Exterior of New Building (Heritage approved) $1000.00

• Building of an e-library mailing and contact list to circulate information and newsletters and borrowings register amongst geographically disadvantaged clients. $1500.00

Librarian, Gail Philpott takes a special request from resident, Gay Holden.


Councils new Librarian, Gail Phillpott, is very excited about the new library location and can’t wait use these resources to deliver a large range of exciting programs to all members of the community.  Some of these programs include:

  • Story time: to increase membership and encourage young children, parents/carers into the library.
  • Schedule story telling/activity sessions for groups. Target audience would be 0-3/5 year olds.
  • Homework Helper: to encourage primary school aged children to visit the library seeking assistance for projects and assignments.  This program could be extended into higher school aged children and external students.
  • "If I can read program": Improve literacy, increase membership, encourage community participation within a library service which promotes life long learning for young and old.  This program could be extended into the adult literacy programs.
  • Family and Local History Education Session: To improve awareness of family and local history resources held by NRL
  • Poetry Club: To improve literacy, expand vocabulary and encourage expression from all age groups.
  • Family Reading: to improve literacy, increase membership, participation within a library service which promotes life long learning, and encourage parents/grandparents to read to their children.
  • Visit Young Mums with Bubs Playgroup. This group would also visit the library one Tuesday per month to become familiar with all materials and resources the library holds – making them more comfortable in library environment.
  • Living Book Aged Community Members "Old Days Old Ways"   to listen and learn to stories from the older members of our community for our future generations, to pass on or retain knowledge.