Bingara Library welcomes Don Tate

October 19, 2009

Don Tate, author of “The War Within” will be a special guest of Bingara Library on
Tuesday November 17th at 4 pm. As well as speaking about his book, he will also host a special showing of historic movie film he took in Vietnam as a young infantryman in 1969- film now valued at $100,000.

The movies show:
•  the 4th and 9th Battalions in the field, and include images of reinforcements arriving in the jungle;
•  re-supplies of rations and ammunition;
•  patrolling the paddy fields;
•  ID checks along Route 328;
•  an air-strike by US Phantoms;
•  men on leave in Vung Tau;
•  patrols in the thick jungle of Long Khanh;
•  and his eventual hospitalisation from war wounds.

Viewers will be able to identify changes caused by the defoliation process; the ‘dry’ season; the ‘wet season’; and images of the general Vietnamese population trying to exist in a war.
The original footage is in colour and has been restored to pristine condition. While these films are most pertinent to Vietnam veterans, many family members of veterans as well as the general public find the films very moving.

Don has appeared on:
• ‘The 7.30 Report’
• ‘A Current Affair’
• ‘Today/Tonight’
• ‘RPA’
• ‘Susie’

Here are some of the reviews of “The War Within”

• "..a book for every Australian…brilliantly written…a tragic account of a soldier who struggles to survive in a constant storm of government stupidity, neglect, and indifference, declares war, and fights back to seek justice and recognition for himself and his comrades.."   
–  Brigadier George Mansford (Rtd) AM

• "…scales new heights in war writing…a dark and shocking journey, where no subject is taboo…"                
– Ian McPhedran, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney

• " amazing book…a remarkable read.."                 
– Richard Aedy, ABC Radio National

• "’The War Within’ is an extraordinary memoir, an unadorned, uncensored, unabashed account of one raucous Australian life….       
– Paul Ham, international journalist and author

• "…a brutally honest insight into a life less fortunate….’A Fortunate Life’ on steroids….takes the reader on a dark and shocking journey…."                    
–  The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

• "…a knock ’em out, drag ’em out type of book, permeated with anger (but) there is a richness and a vibrance in Tate’s writing style…the reader grows with the author as he struggles through, and with, life….quite a remarkable man, a raucous Australian."         
– Brigadier Neil Weekes (Rtd) AM MC

• "…narrated with vivid authority, (it) at once disarms, repels, gives hope, as its narrator summons inner demons beyond anything that the war in Vietnam had made."  
– The Sydney Morning Herald

• “The War Within”is a complex, virtuoso analysis of one man’s world- an utterly compelling and profoundly unsettling mosaic. On the one hand, it is an acidic dissection of the role environment and family have in developing a person’s character, and on the other, it is a sauntering chronicle of social analysis and injustice. One is almost left breathless”
–  L. Ollsen, Freelance Reviewer

• "…a moving and disturbingly honest memoir….a brutal insight into soldiers at war…..will not be easily forgotten. It deserves a place alongside the classics of memoir."    
–  Herald-Sun, Melbourne

• "Don Tate is a brilliant writer….’The War Within’ is a fantastic book…an excellent read.."                                          
–  Howard Sattler, radio 6PR, Perth

• "War stories don’t come much darker than this. Gritty stuff."            
– Sunday Telegraph, Sydney

• "..a wonderful book…"                                 
– Bob Rogers, Radio 2CH, Sydney

• "…an inspiring, yet horrific journey. The insight he gives on life in the Vietnam War is heartbreaking. Graphic and explicit at times..”            
–  Sharon Athanosos, Freelance Reviewer