Bingara Lions donate to Cancer Group

June 10, 2008

The members of the Bingara Lion’s Club were delighted with the larger than usual attendance at their recent dinner meeting.

Commenting on the success of the dinner, Lions Club President, Graham Gunthorpe explained, “The reason for the interest in the meeting is that Margaret Charmen from Tamworth was the guest speaker”.  Margaret Charmen is a scientist who manages the Oncology Unit at Tamworth Base Hospital where the Clinical Trials are being conducted.

Mrs Charmen outlined the variety and scope of some of the trials currently being conducted by her staff in Tamworth. She pointed out the significance of such trials and the important role of this work, particularly because it is being undertaken in rural NSW.  The NSW Cancer Council has provided the funding for the initial trials at Tamworth. Members of the Bingara and District Cancer Action Group had been invited to attend the dinner.

 At the conclusion of Mrs Charmen’s presentation the President of the Cancer Action Group, Kevin Hansen, thanked her for an informative address, given with much enthusiasm and passion.

Members of the Cancer Action Group also launched their information brochure, “Working towards a Cancer Smart Community”.

Production of the brochure was sponsored by the NSW Cancer Council and contains information relating to the local Cancer Action Group’s activities. Local contact numbers are included as well as the Cancer Council’s Helpline number.  Copies of the brochure will be distributed widely in the Bingara community.

Lions Club President, Graham Gunthorpe, presented a cheque for $500 to Mrs Liz Groth, the Secretary of the Cancer Action Group, to assist the work of the group.

Compliments of The Bingara Advocate