Bingara mixed OzTag news

December 8, 2008

Sixty players fronted up on Thursday, November 27, for Round 6 of the Bingara Mixed OzTag Competition. Imperial Tradies played off against the Incredibles with eight players on the field and two subs for both sides. Unfortunately, the Incredibles’ youth, speed and stamina was no help against the Imperial Tradies’ experience, enthusiasm and skill which saw them win the game 12-8.

Players’ points went to Derryn Cooper, 3, Kyle Miller, 2, and Aaron Goodwin, 1. Well done to Megan Simpson who played a great game and scored three times for her team. Thanks to Peter O’Brien for refereeing.

The second 6pm game was between SYAF and the Sporting Club. It was a great game to watch and great sportsmanship and improvement by both teams was noted.

Congratulations to SYAF for a 12-6 win. Players’ points went to Jayden Field, 3, Martin Turner, 2, and Jesse Rogers, 1, who converted 5 tries for his team. A big thanks to Simon McLachlan and Carissa Riley for refereeing this game.

An impressive game was played between the Wotamob and Rusty Nails (RSL) at 7pm. With high skill levels and enthusiasm, this game was a very close match. While Wotamob had the fitness, it was Rusty Nails (RSL) who showed great team work and endurance completing the game with a score of 14 to Wotamob’s 11. Top try scorer was Simon McLachlan with 5 tries. Well done to Brad Craddock and first timer, Hayden Mack in completing equal tries, 3 each for the RSL.

Players’ points were awarded to Mark McGowan, 3, for his outstanding tagging on the night, Simon McLachlan, 2, and Hayden Mack, 1.

Next week’s draw will see (Draw 7):

  • 6pm SYAF vs The Incredibles
  • (Duty team – Sporting Club)
  • GSC vs RSL
  • (Duty team – Imperial Tradies)
  • 7pm Imperial Tradies vs Sporting Club (Duty team – GSC)
  • Bye Wotamob

This week’s hot tip:
Attacking Team Changeovers


1. If the dummy half is not in position within three (3) seconds of the play the ball, a changeover will be awarded to the defending team. (Referee will determine this time period.)

2. The marker under no circumstances can around and retrieve the ball from the dummy half position. This will result in a penalty. Safety reasons.

3. If the play the ball is deliberately delayed, the referee will initiate the 3 second play.

Junior Tag
What a great game was played last week by the Junior Oz-taggers! The Nobodys and The Broncos fought it out only to come out with an equal win, 5 all.

Twenty children turned out and showed great team work and sportsmanship. Players’ points were awarded to Taylor Rogers, 3, Gabby Rampling, 2, and Breanta Turner, 1. A big thanks to Kayla Honeysett for her great organisational skills, Tina Whitton and Martin Turner for time keeping and scoring duties.