Bingara Motorhome rally taking shape

June 29, 2008

David and Lyn Fricke, chief organisers of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia rally, are back in Bingara to make the final arrangements for the October rally at the Bingara Showgrounds.  Also in Bingara is the Rally treasurer, Kevin Boyd.

Currently some 500 motorhomes have registered for the rally.  “Early Bird registrations don’t close until the end of August and the number will have risen considerably by then,” David said.  “Fuel prices are going to have an impact on the final number.”  David said all Motorhome Chapters around Australia have been receiving regular Rally updates via email encouraging them to get along to Bingara in October. 

Lyn and David would like to hear from any golfers who would like to hire out their golf buggy for the duration of the Rally.  The buggies are very useful for commuting around the site and would be used by the Coordinators of the volunteer teams.  All buggies would be treated with the utmost care and covered by CMCA Insurer. For further information, contact David on 0408 554580.

“The Gwydir council are to be congratulated upon becoming an RV friendly Shire with both Warialda and Bingara being included in the program,” David said.  “With the growth in ‘drive tourism’ this program can only benefit the area.”

David and Lyn presented some interesting recreational vehicle facts:-
• Drive tourism is the largest component of domestic tourism.
• An estimated 440,000 pervans, caravans and motorhomes are registered in Australia.
• Over 400 new units are sold every week.
• There are estimated to be 200,000 units on the road at any given time.
• The average trip is 157 days.
• Over 60% of the Motorhome and self-contained vehicle market are over 50 years of age.
• 50-60 year olds are the wealthiest demographic in Australia.
• Mobile domestic travellers spend between $600 and $700 per week.
• In 2007, 18,000 new caravans, 2,500 new motorhomes and 1,700 new camper trailers were registered in Australia.
• The RV market is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry in this country.
(Facts and figures drawn from C.I.A., ABS, CMCA and other industry groups.)

Bingara only needs to attract a small percentage of this market to receive the benefit of tourism.