Bingara Multi-Purpose Service opens its doors

August 19, 2008

Staff and patients are delighted with their move to the new Bingara Multi Purpose Service.  In a well coordinated operation, staff and volunteers moved patients, residents and equipment into the new building.  Nursing and domestic staff described the new facility as “fantastic”, “beautiful”, and “magnificent”.“It makes coming to work an ab-solute pleasure,” one staff member said.

NSW Minister for Health Reba Meagher said the move by patients, residents and staff into the new Bingara Multi Purpose Service is an important milestone for the local community.  Ms Meagher said, ‘today’s move marks the completion of the first stage of the $10.6 million Bingara Multi Purpose Service, replacing the existing health service with a state-of-the-art facility housing acute hospital care, community health services and aged care. Moving into a new health facility is very exciting, but it is also a very challenging task and I want to thank all of the staff and volunteers who have helped patients and residents make the transition.

“Having a comprehensive range of health services under the one roof provides a much better environment for patients, staff and aged care residents and provides the community of Bingara with a health facility that will meet their needs well into the future.”  The second stage of the redevelopment project will see a new Ambulance Station built on the site.  Work on this stage is due to start to start next week following the closure of the old hospital.  Once it’s complete, the Bingara Multi Purpose Service will include:

• An emergency department
• A range of primary and community health services
• seven acute beds
• 14 residential aged care beds
• Ambulance facilities
• Administration and support services

“This new health facility is a tribute to the partnership between the NSW Government, Hunter New England Area Health Service, local staff and the community,” Ms Meagher said. “I want to thank the members of the Local Health Advisory Committee who have been actively involved in this project since the planning stages to providing vital community input. Bingara Health Service Manager Sue Mack said about 230 local people walked through the new health service on the weekend and the new facilities received a lot of positive feedback."

 “We are also very grateful that within the project budget, the NSW Government provided $700,000 for the purchase of new furniture and equipment,” Ms Mack said.  “This funding was boosted by the proceeds from the auction of excess furniture and equipment from the existing hospital on Saturday.”  Ms Mack said the Bingara MPS would also like to take the opportunity to thank Robert and Judy Northcott and staff for generously donating their time to assist with the auction sale, which raised about $17,000.