Bingara Orange Festival 2013 set to WOW the crowd!

June 14, 2013

DANGERBOY, Australia’s Got Talent Semi Finalist, will WOW the crowd at this years’ Bingara Orange Festival – Part magician, part circus-freak all attitude!

Master of the dark arts, Dangerboy explores the limits of the human condition with mind-blowing performances inspired by Bohemian cabaret and dustbowl-era circus sideshow.

Drawing inspiration from late 1800s Bohemian cabaret and depression-era circus sideshow, Dangerboy teams up with his lovely assistant Ivy to bring you performances which will touch your heart and blow your mind. 

Juxtaposing beauty with the grotesque, Dangerboy’s work displays a rare beauty in the sideshow genre.

Just some of the tricks Dangerboy has up his sleeve include: 

A delightful dinner scene, featuring the only two-person oral razorblade double manipulation act in the world! This routine caused a national scandal when featured in the semi-finals of Australia’s Got Talent.    

The Iron Maiden
A scene of sadistic seduction unfolds as Ivy sandwiches Dangerboy between two nail beds and proceeds to tap-dance on the resulting sandwich. Scrumptious!

Dangerboy Spin! 
Witness incredible feats of fire manipulation! Includes fire eating, fire breathing, fire magic, fire dancing and a little audience participation!

Balloon Sword Swallow
Dangerboy swallows a 60-inch modelling balloon, sword-style! 

The Perilous Promenade
A fairy-tale forest picnic scene, in which Dangerboy and his lovely assistant Ivy dance barefoot over broken glass. 

Look for Dangerboy on YouTube.