Bingara Pre School celebrates cultural awareness

May 18, 2016

Bingara Preschool has recently been immersed in Aboriginal art, culture, stories, music and cooking.

Two gentlemen, Jamie Day from Tamworth Local Land Services (LLS), and Billy from Moree LLS joined the preschool children on Thursday 12th May to share and teach some of the Aboriginal stories, words, artefacts and how to make ‘Johnny cakes’.

A Dreamtime story told by Billy was about a boy who went into the dark forest and was met by an evil witch. The witch didn’t like anyone coming into her forest so she turned the boy into a creature with big furry ears, a flat nose, round eyes and long claws for climbing. The boy became a Koala. Each child received a Merit Certificate for attending the Cultural Awareness Activities from the North West Local Land Services Aboriginal Communities Team.

Bingara Preschool Cultural Day