Bingara rattled rather than shook

June 18, 2012

Bingara didn’t receive much of a shaking in the recent earthquake. The earthquake, which was centred west of Manilla, struck at about 9.30 pm on the night of Friday, June 8, with another slightly stronger one a minute or so later.

Residents in older houses said they heard windows rattling. “When a semi trailer goes past, the windows rattle a bit, it was just like that,” one told the Advocate. Another, who was in bed at the time, felt a slight movement, but did not realise until she heard on the news the next morning, that it was in fact an earthquake.

Patrons at the Bingara RSL Club felt nothing, but were informed by SMS messages from Tamworth almost straight away that the quake had occurred. “No-one mentioned noticing it, but soon, someone received a call, so then we all knew about it,” the club patron told the Advocate.

“I was watching the football, and heard the windows rattle, so went out to check to see if someone was trying to break in, then I checked to make sure the chimney was all right,” another resident said.

“A woman in the Horton River area also heard her windows rattle, dismissed it as wind, until her daughter  rang from Tamworth to ask if she had felt the earthquake.