Bingara says keep Rock n Roll

July 28, 2017

Response to the question about future Orange Festivals has been very strongly in favour of keeping the Rock n Roll theme for the next few years at least

When the question was raised on the Bingara Advocate’s Facebook page in conjunction with coupons to cut out and return, response was overwhelmingly in favour of running with the Rock n Roll theme as a permanent fixture.

Only one respondent put a limit on how many years the theme should run for, suggesting two years of Rock n Roll followed by Country music.

Respondents have compared the Rock n Roll Festival to the other music-themed festivals in country New South Wales, the Elvis Festival at Parkes, celebrating “the King’s” birthday, and the Abba Festival at Trundle, which was inspired by the success of the Elvis Festival.

The Gwydir Shire Council’s Special Events committee will meet this afternoon, Wednesday, for a festival de-briefing and consideration of the question of future themes. The only other suggestion the Advocate received was regarding the decorations in the street which one reader said, needed a spruce-up.

The topic of vehicles in the parade was also an issue. In recent years, Festival organisers have not allowed people to ride on the back of trucks in the parade.