Bingara SES members assist at Goodooga

April 12, 2010

SES volunteers from across the North West SES Region are continuing to assist in the Goodooga district as flood peaks move very slowly south.

The flood peaks are now between the Queensland border and the Barwon and Darling Rivers with Minor to Major flooding occurring along the the Narran, Birrie, Bokhara, Paroo, Warrego, Barwon and Darling Rivers. These floodwaters remain very slow moving and very slow rising, with many areas expected to be affected by flooding for up to six weeks.

Alf arrives at Goodooga Bingara SES member Alf King arrives to help at Goodooga.
SES volunteers Tony Nuss from Moree (with back to camera) and Bingara SES volunteer Geoff Leech assist in the unloading of supplies from a helicopter affectionately know as Lucy. Geoff Leech helping to unload supplies

Volunteers from Moree, Boggabilla, Bingara and Glen Innes SES units have committed to assist with flood operations at Goodooga over the next few weeks.
The township of Goodooga is located on the Bokhara River and has a population of 320 people.  A flood boat has been located in the town with an SES forward operational team.

A temporary store has now been established in the community to provide supplies, and the SES is participating in regular consultation with Goodooga community members.
SES volunteers from Moree and Boggabilla conducted an education program with children at the local Goodooga school to help them understand the dangers of both floodwaters as well as of the dangers of approaching close to helicopters as these are regularly flying into the community.

The SES airbases at both Bourke and Lightning Ridge continue to operate with aircraft also located in Dubbo and Cobar.

Ten helicopters and one fixed wing aircraft are undertaking reconnaissance, rescue, personnel movements and re-supply. Industry and Investment NSW (iiNSW) has two helicopters operating out of Bourke undertaking livestock related tasks. The SES has received 701 air tasks to date with Industry and Investment NSW undertaking 61 livestock related tasks.

Flooding is affecting between 120 and 150 rural properties. This number will vary as the flood peak progresses down the rivers. These properties have been asked to stock up on food, fuel and medicine and to locate their stock and equipment to high ground in advance of isolation. The SES remains postured to assist them as required.

“North West SES Region volunteers are again doing an excellent job,” said SES media spokesperson Jean-Mary Botfield.

“SES volunteers from across the North West Region are rostered to assist with flood operations around Goodooga for several weeks and it is important to acknowledge their extraordinary efforts and commitment,” said Mrs Botfield.