Bingara Showground becomes Motorhome Central

October 11, 2008

By next Tuesday, Bingara Showground will be transformed into a village of over 1500 people.  Organiser of the 2008 Campervan and Motorhome Club rally, David Fricke, said that 57 volunteers’ vehicles had arrived on Monday.  By Friday, 240 volunteers will have arrived at the site.

Volunteers for the CMCA 2008 Rally have started moving into the Bingara Showground. Behind the early arrivals is the main marquee. Rain on Monday made conditions a little muddy, but fine weather on Tuesday has gladdened the hearts of organisers.

A number of large marquees have been erected, providing the framework for the new ‘town’ which will exist for the week from October 13 to 19.

A ‘men’s shed’ marquee has been erected on the cattle parade area, and the enclosed cattle pavilion will become a seminar venue.

The pavilion will be an inside trade exhibitors’ venue, while outside exhibitors will be on the race track.

The wool pavilion will become a laundry and venue for a photographic competition.

Meals will be served in the canteen with catering by the Central School and other local volunteers.

The organisational hub of the rally will be the Secretary’s office. Nearby will be the treasury and information pagodas, while the maintenance area, including another large marquee housing the contents of two shipping containers, is behind the stables.

The main marquee in the centre of the showground dwarfs the grandstand and other
buildings at the Showground.

A seminar marquee, which will be the venue for the poets’ breakfast, is in front of the grandstand. In the middle of the showground is the biggest marquee, which will be the venue for the main events held during the week.

The campdraft arena will be a ‘leash free’ area where the 160 pets attending the rally will receive obedience training and be allowed to scamper.

By next Monday night 970 motorhomes will be in place on the Showground.

CMCA members will be involved in a range of activities throughout the week.

Saturday October 18 will be an Open Day at the rally, and members of the public are welcome to go to the Showground.

As a gesture of thanks, the CMCA has organised a concert at the Roxy Theatre on Thursday, October 17. The concert will be free of charge.

CMCA members have been visiting shops in town, and have also visited Inverell.