Bingara shows what can be achieved when the community pulls together

August 5, 2008

Garry McDouall, President of Vision 2020, said that after the Regenerative Energy for Rural Communities Conference held this month, he was speaking with one of the presenters who said that he goes to conferences all over the world.  He said, he can pay $2-3000 to attend, but rarely does he come across a conference as professionally put together as the one held in Bingara.

Garry said, ‘This is a marvellous compliment to everyone who played a role in making it such a success.’  Everyone in the community played a part from the Council and its staff and the volunteer members of Vision 20/20, to the caterers and the media and indeed the township as a whole.

Garry added, ‘This conference is an example of what can be done when our community pulls together – we can truly accomplish amazing things. It is early days yet, but there is the possibility of some very tangible outcomes from this conference for our  Gwydir communities.’

‘In the meantime, we have added to our positive profile, broadened our network of friends and pulled together an amazing amount of information on the subject of Energy, a subject which will play an increasingly important role in our lives in the future.’

Congratulations Bingara, you’ve done it again!