Bingara UHA continue to support Bingara MPS

September 17, 2015

Bingara United Hospital Auxiliary deserve much praise after they once again provided financial assistance to purchase equipment for the Bingara MPS.

AccuveinA $9000 Accuvein arrived on site in August and the staff have been putting it to good use. The Accuvein is an instrument that helps medical professionals locate veins.

“The Accuvein operates by using infrared light to detect veins beneath the skin, then projecting the position of the veins on the skin surface directly above the veins,” Health Service Manager Sue Mack told the Advocate.

“ It is particularly useful in children and people who have difficult veins.

“The identification of the veins make it easier for health professionals to access the vein to take blood or to put a Cannula in. The ladies also donated two pressure mattresses to assist with the management of pressure injury and skin integrity.”

Jill Smith, Tricia Porter and June RitterJill Smith, Tricia Porter and June Ritter inspect the new Accuvein.

The two mattresses are the latest in pressure injury management which allows for the pressure cells to be stored within a normal mattress, therefore, if a pressure mattress is needed, it is simply turned on at the end of the bed, if not, it is switched off.

“This ensures that the nurses are kept safe as they do not have to continually change mattresses on and off beds,” explained Sue.

“We would like thank the United Hospital Auxiliary and those who support them for the assistance they provide to our great local service.”