Bingara Website proves to be a Big HIT!

August 23, 2007

Since its official opening in May 2007 the Bingara Website,, has proven to be a real winner, averaging over 2500 “hits” per month, and growing.

Chairman of the Bingara Website sub-committee of Bingara and District VISION 20/20, Don Capel, said he was delighted by the amount of interest in the site. “We’ve had people log on to our site from all over the world, and from all parts of Australia.” Don said. “..and it appears we are catering for a broad range of interests.”
The Bingara web-site is a collaborative effort between VISION 20/20 and Gwydir Shire. After nearly a year of investigation and planning it was launched with the aim of being “the best web-site in country Australia”.
 “Fresh, straight-forward and easy to navigate were objectives we set ourselves,” said Don. “Our focus was for the web-site to be a ‘window into Bingara’ for those from beyond, and a view of what is happening on a day to day basis, for our District’s local residents.”
“We are inviting businesses, government and community groups both from within the Bingara District and beyond, to subscribe as advertisers on the web-site.” Don said.
A basic business listing is free to those from within the Gwydir Shire, but the effectiveness of the web-site can be increased as an advertising and promotion tool by investing in a Button, Banner or Page.
“Each website is tailor made to suit individual needs and budgets.” Explained Georgina Sinclair, the Bingara Web-site Manager. “I work with users to establish the best package for them. They can be part of for as little as $5 per month.” Georgina added.
Georgina explained the services available at
“BANNERS appear across the top of each page. A Banner on the Top navigation level, on a page of your choice, is $50 per quarter and $30 per quarter on a sub level page.” She said.
“BUTTONS appear in the Top Right of each page. A Button on the Top navigation level, on a page of your choice, is $30 per quarter and JUST $15 per quarter on a sub level page.”
When asked about the advantages of Buttons and Banners, Georgina explained, “It lies in their ability to link to either your business listing or website. The link is free to sites within and costs just $50 annually to link to an external website. External businesses may also choose to simply show their link on the “LINKS” page.
Bigger businesses and more active community groups may chose to have an INTERNAL WEB-PAGE. Georgina elaborated, “These can be as complex or as basic as you wish and starts from as little as $200, if you choose to use the Bingara header. The cost includes the initial set up and free listings throughout To have a personalized header the cost is $400 for the first page, however subsequent pages are still only $200. Multi page sites naturally include a personalised navigation bar.”

Contact Georgina on: Phone: 0427 236 6455 or email at