Bingara’s budding authors go to print!

November 23, 2007

Bingara students had the opportunity to participated in the ‘Write-a-Reader’ competition organized by the Border Rivers/Gwydir Catchment Management Authority.

The competition encouraged students to write and illustrate a 16 page reader about one of five endangered species of the catchment area. The students had to research their animal and find ways in which we can look after it and then present the information as a story.

Bingara is very proud to announce that the book written by Montana McCosker(front), Holly Macbeth, Cameron Fletcher(front) and Lawson Muir has been selected to be published early next year.

Their book, titled ‘Olga the Brolga finds a new home’, tells the story of a Brolga who loses her home due to the clearing of the land and her search to find a new home.

The authors will have their photographs on the back of the book when it is published and each will received a copy.  The book will also be distributed to all NSW schools.

Congratulations to the authors!