Bingara’s cancer survivors rewarded with a Relay for Life Award

February 25, 2009

At the recent annual Relay for Life Awards, the North West Region received 3 winners awards and 1 runner up.

  • Community Involvement Award 2008 ~ Highest % of population registered – WINNER Wee Waa 29.85% of population registered
  • Mission Award 2008 ~ Highest number of Survivors attending per capita – WINNER Bingara with 1.60% of population
  • Fundraising Award 2008 ~ Highest Income Per Capita – WINNER Wee Waa $20.53 per head of population
  • Team Recruitment Award 2008 ~ Highest Number of Teams – Runner-up Tamworth with 153 teams only to be beaten by Sutherland Relay with 159 teams

Shaen Fraser, Relay For Life Coordinator said that with 10 categories announced on the night it was fantastic to come back with awards in 4.