Bingara’s Frog Racing Team pleased with performance

February 21, 2011

Last year saw Bingara’s Frog Racing Team #101 finish in 7th place in the Queensland Endurance Go Kart Championship, with only six points seperating them from 6th place. This is a huge achievement  for the relatively new team.

Frog Racing
Left to Right: Alan Bilsborough, Martin Hansford,
Ethan Stones, Noah Bilsborough

They competed in many races throughout Queensland and NSW in 2010 with races ranging from as short as six hours to twenty-four hours. The longer races tested the stamina of the younger members of the team, leaving the late night shifts to the more mature aged members of Frog Racing.

A great season was had by all.

The 2011 seasons kicked off with the team heading to Eastern Creek last weekend for the first round of the national championships.

Frog Racing would like to thank all their sponsers for their continued support, a special thanks to Wombat Tracks, Bilsborough Bus Service and Mechanical Repairs, MTY Trophies.  They would also like to welcome aboard new sponser Northwest Petroleum.

Frog Racing would finally like to congratulate their newest member to the racing team, Jesse Rogers (Motocross) on some great results in 2010.