Bingara’s new Multi Purpose Service meets high standards

August 4, 2008

Close consultation between Hunter New England Health, the NSW Department of Commerce and the construction company Hansen and Yunken will ensure that the Bingara Multi Purpose Service (MPS) is of a high standard and meets the needs of the local community. Representatives from each of these organisations have meet formally on a monthly basis since the construction process started to discuss issues related to the building project.

The main entrance to the new Bingara Multi Purpose Service. Final post construction clean-up is almost completed, with staff and patients expected to move in on August 7.

Representatives at the monthly meetings representing HNE Health include Stewart Leeman (Manager Capital Assets), Lynne Shands (General Manager McIntyre Cluster), Sue Mack (Bingara Health Service Manager), Alf Newman (Far North Maintenance Manager). Representatives from Department of Commerce included Wayne Bryant (Project Officer), Ben Sharpe (Project Officer), Chris Scanlon (Project Manager), Mark Queenan (Project Director Procurement) and Hansen and Yunken represented by David Landy (Project Manager) and Chris Doran (Contract Manager).

In addition to the formal site status meetings, a Bingara MPS Transition Committee was set up to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues arising from the development of the MPS. Representatives on this committee included Hunter New England Management, Bingara staff representatives, Touriandi Hostel Representatives, NSW Ambulance Service and representatives from the Bingara Community, Jenny Hawkins and Brian Mack.

The local hospital staff have been fortunate to have had a good working relationship with the previous local site foreman, Grant Malbon and are very appreciative to him for the time taken to allow staff to visit the site. These visits allowed staff to evaluate their new working space and to plan their new service. It also provided the opportunity to allow staff to have input into changes needed to ensure a facility that would meet the needs of the community.

Following Grant’s decision to return to Newcastle, Peter Egan has taken over as site foreman and will see the project through to Stage 2 completion, we would like to thank Peter for continuing the ‘open door’ policy for staff and inviting local input.