Bingara’s Riverscape Park takes shape.

December 14, 2010

“After more than a dozen willing workers had completed three hours tidy up of the Riverscape Park area at the northern end of Maitland Street on Sunday, we can begin to see clearly the potential of this lovely site” said Bingara and District VISION 20/20 President, Frances Young.

The Riverscape Park involves two projects. The bank restoration as part of the CMA’s Hall’s Creek Project supported by V2020, and the Riverscape Project designed by Landscape Architect John Mongard supported by Gwydir Shire Council.

Bingara riverside clean up Pruning trees at the riverside
The re-vegetated bank at the
eastern end of the Park.
Willing workers:
Linda McDouall, Jill Herring,  David Young and John Herring remove wire from around a tree at the site.

 The earthworks on the site are mostly completed. Bank and swale systems capture storm waters and channel them through a small pond. This will maximize the use of rain water on the site.

A new vehicle access has been constructed at the western end and has been incorporated with John and Cathy Wade’s “Gwydir Trail Rides” operation in mind. Fencing and access gates will provide parking, mounting area and access to the river for the riders from there, serving both the business and the Park.

The first rows of bank stabilization plants have taken well and the weeds have been removed. As the grasses across the Park become established and a few additional shade trees are provided, the Park will be a very pleasant recreation area for both locals and visitors.

Vehicle access to the grassed area of the Park will be restricted by a rock barrier. The barrier will feature an array of rock types representing a scale model of the geological transect from the granites near Copeton Dam to the recent volcanics at Killarney Gap near Mount Kaputar.

Wren settling in at the riverside.

A keen on-looker was this tiny honey eater that had made its nest beside the new bank.

Guided access towards the ford on the Gwydir River where explorer Allan Cunningham first crossed in 1827 will also feature in the educational aspects at the site.

The details of the history, geology, and river features including bird and animal life, will be displayed on an information booth being donated by the local National Parks depot.

“More Riverscape planting will take place early in 2011 and the public are invited to join in and assist in this wonderful project”, Frances Young concluded.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Publicity Officer
Ph: 0428 255380