Bingara’s Touriandi residents visit local farm

September 6, 2020

Residents at Touriandi have continued to be busy each and every week through the winter despite the cooler weather and COVID complications.

At the start of August, a small group of residents and carers travelled about 20km out of town to Araluen, the farm of Graham and Lila Hosegood. For Mr Hosegood, a member of the Board of Touriandi it was a great opportunity to host the afternoon.

Touriandi residents at “Araluen”.

“I think it’s important for them to get out and have a look around, particularly as some of them were very much involved in agriculture,” said Mr Hosegood. “It’s the first time we have done something like this and it was really well received.”

They really enjoyed going to a farm. It brought back some lovely memories for them. Susan Hutton supplied scones for afternoon tea as they sat around the fire,” said Touriandi Lodge Manager, Jennifer Brown.

Along with regular opportunities such as Tuesday afternoon’s weekly poetry reading with Lee Loudon, discussion groups with Jan Rose or history discussions with Rod King, every week residents are invited on a bus drive each Friday afternoon. This is a great opportunity for an outing that goes ahead no matter the weather – rain, hail or shine. “They do not stop anywhere but travel all over the countryside for the best part of two hours,” said Jennifer Brown.