Bingara’s Weddings remembered in a book

February 14, 2013

The Bingara District Historical Society has embarked on an exciting new project. The project aim is to publish a ‘coffee table style’ book of Bingara weddings throughout the history of the town and district. It is envisaged that the book will be basically a photo album providing a pictorially pleasing read, but also include a significant historical content.

The book will follow a chronological order with photographs of local weddings, and associated commentary on the wedding fashions and other historical aspects of weddings through the period.

The Society has quite a large number of wedding photographs in its collection, and some of them will be used.

There are two museum photographs included with this article, and while we believe that they are Bingara related,  they do not have any information about them. Please, contact Russell Reading (number below) if you can identify either photograph.

We would love to hear from Bingara residents who may have photographs and other information on family weddings that they would like to be considered for inclusion in the book.

The more information you can supply relating to a photograph, wedding or family will be welcome. Not only will this help with the book, but any information will be added to our records.

Unknown Wedding photo
Do you know who these people are?  [Click on the image to enlarge.]

If you are interested in helping, contact our Official Photographer, Russell Reading, on 67241816. Russell will be happy to come to you and will not need to take away your precious photographs.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the progress of this exciting project.
Thank you for your help.

Peter Jones
Bingara Historical Society