Bookings open for evening of one act plays

October 25, 2017

Bookings are now open for a great night of theatre in the Roxy on Saturday, 18th November, when North West Theatre Company hosts Inverell Theatre Company’s two One-Act plays direct from their performance season in Inverell.

This continues the recent collaboration between the two theatre groups, and the participation of actors and directors such as Ben Daley and Peter Caddey in NWTC productions.

The evening begins at 7.30pm with the first of two One-Act plays – the drama “Conversations With A Clown”. The action will then move to the Roxy Café, where a stand up finger food dinner will be served, and a bar operating for drinks. The audience will then move back into the theatre for the second play – the comedy called “Careful Rapture”. Following this, dessert, tea and coffee in the café, and a chance to meet the casts of both plays, will conclude what should be a great night.

Inverell Theatre Company has a rich history going back to 1968, with several groups heading up such shows as “The Demon Barber”, “Run For Your Wife”, “Play On”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “Dimboola” and “Once Upon a Mattress”, to name just a few. The company has had a recent revival with many new artists displaying their talents in the Beaulieu Hall with productions such as “Cosi” and several One-Act plays. Apart from Directors such as company President Narelle Kennedy and drama teacher Jade Bradley, they have some excellent technical people to enhance the productions.

North West Theatre Company will be erecting the stage and set, providing some of the props, organising bookings and other “front of house” functions, and organising food and wine. NWTC Technical Director Martin Hansford will be at the sound and lighting helm.

The opening play, “Conversations With A Clown”, directed by Jade Bradley, is a very engaging work. A teenage girl, her mother, brother, boyfriend and a toy clown…….a sensible enough ensemble for a short play? Yes……..but the girl’s clown is actually her most trusted companion, and one with whom she confides in through regular conversations. A theme for a comedy? Decidedly not! Inverell Theatre Company’s young cast in “Conversations With A Clown” portray the dark side of youthful personalities in a manner that will challenge the audience.

The role of Canny, a 14 year old and later 19 year old, is a very demanding one filled by talented young actor Maggie Thomas, while the supporting roles of her mother, brother and boyfriend are played by Amy Bird, Lachlan McDonald and Bailey Thomas respectively. Greg Barton plays the all-important clown.

A reading of the script of “Conversations With A Clown” reveals layers of both humour and pathos, and the 40 minute play will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

“Careful Rapture” is the complete opposite – a very, very funny play with some endearing characters and rich one-liners. The cast of Peter Caddey, Jade Bradley, Natasha West, Narelle Kennedy, Natasha Collins and Fiona Brown “have a ball” with this hilarious play on manners. It is simply a generational romp which will keep the audience laughing over their coffee and dessert.

Book online NOW!This program is both highly recommended, and great value.

Ticket prices are $30 for adults, with $25 for Concessions.

Book online or by contacting the Bingara Visitor Information Centre on (02) 6724 0066.

Email – Bingara Visitor Information Centre or call in to the Visitor Information Centre.