Breast cancer foundation benefits from Pink Ribbon Breakfast

October 31, 2008

Staff from Bingara Community Health Centre have hailed this year’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast a success, with all proceeds from the morning going directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Noelene and Erik Ozols from Bingara’s Imperial Hotel kindly agreed to host the Pink Ribbon Breakfast, which was held on Friday, October 24.

The morning began at 7am with Robyn Gasson leading a Pink Pilates class. This was well attended and all proceeds from the class were donated to the fundraising pool.

More than 50 people attended the Pink Ribbon Breakfast at the Imperial Hotel, with plenty of delicious menu items on offer including Big Breakfasts, scrambled eggs, bacon and egg rolls, and ‘Pink Muesli Trifle’ which was a big hit.

Noelene and Erik Ozols donated the whole total takings of the breakfast – $476.25 – which was extremely generous.

A total of $1,044.80 was raised during the morning, from the pilates class, the pink breakfast, ribbon sales and donations.

The breakfast was organized by Bingara Community Health Centre staff, with Community Health Nurse Tiffany Galvin describing the morning as a huge success.

"This year’s breakfast was very exciting and more successful than we anticipated. We are going to make this an annual event, and we have more ideas for next year to make it bigger and better," she said.

Pink Ribbon Breakfasts are a fun, early morning get-together of friends, family or workmates to celebrate the achievements of breast cancer research and raise funds for further research.