Business For Business group formed in Bingara to help boost economy

February 27, 2020

A new group has been formed amongst the Bingara business community in an effort to boost the towns fortunes. Business Supporting Business came together for its first meeting last Tuesday with a positive turn out of around 21 people representing a good variety of the town’s business houses.

The group was formed organically with members casually discussing the idea over the past few months and deciding to put their ideas in to practice.

Representative, Tiffany Galvin, says that they hope to be a cohesive and inclusive group. “Every business house in town was invited to attend,” she said.  “There has been a need. There has been a lot of business change hands as well. People are keen and positive and happy to run with the idea. We just want to help each other.”

Fellow member, Lenore Kennedy, hopes there will be benefits to the collaboration. “If we get in together and put in at the same time it will be very progressive,” she said.

The aim of the group is to promote the positive aspect to shopping and doing business in Bingara and its surrounding areas by supporting each other and sharing ideas. With business conditions being tough at the moment the idea of banding together to share suggestions on ways to push through seemed an obvious one.

“Everyone had positive ideas. We’re driven by the rural sector; we’re all struggling so it’s about how we can help each other. We will meet once per month to work out promotions. Every one that came, we discussed ideas of what we can do coming up to Easter.”

Business Supporting business hopes to gain momentum by reinforcing to locals that Bingara is a somewhere that is here for them to shop in and to spread the word beyond; that Bingara is a destination.

Photo: Business For Business.  CLEANING UP THE STREETS: Damian Galvin pressure washes the footpath in front of the newsagency as part of the Sunday Spruce Up.

Beautifying the businesses from the street is the first thing on the agenda. “One of the main things that came out of today was that we are going to have a clean up our businesses day on Sunday 23rd February. We’ll spruce up the shopfronts then have a meeting afterwards to discuss the Easter period and what we can do to make Easter a good weekend,” said Tiffany. “Everyone is enthusiastic and keen to be involved.”

As there are often promotions and activities throughout the town that run separately, a cohesive approach is hoping to unite the town. The group aims to keep things casual and inclusive with no formal positions or minutes.

“We don’t want to be competing with anything else. It’s not future growth. It’s just our own way of looking after businesses,” concluded Lenore.

Last Sunday, the group completed a “Sunday Spruce Up” of Peel Street Businesses.  Members of the group were out with stepladders, cobweb brooms, and mops to scrub down the shopfronts – with even the footpaths given a light pressure washing to help clean off the dust accumulated from the years of dry weather.

“It was a very productive morning,” Lenore Kennedy said.  “Work wasn’t limited to individual businesses, with a lot of neighbouring shop fronts receiving a spruce up as well.”

Community members who witnessed the cleaning were most impressed with the community spirit, Lenore said.