Calcutta sets the scene for Bingara race meeting

February 2, 2010

The Bingara Jockey Club will run a Calcutta on the eve of the Bingara Cup.

The races will be held on Saturday, February 6, and the Calcutta will take place at the Returned Services Club after the raffles on Friday, February 5.

The Calcutta will provide extra incentive and add to the fun leading into the big day.  With an expected prize pool in excess of $1,000, organisers are hoping for a lot of interest in the project.

A Calcutta works like this:
Tickets are sold leading up to the auction. Straight after the raffles on the Friday night, a draw will be conducted, to determine who from the ticket purchases wins the horses.

Local auctioneer, Robert Northcott, from H. (Roy) Miller will be on hand to run the auction.  The horses in the cup are then auctioned and half of the sale price goes into the pool with all the ticket sales, and the other half of the sale price goes to the lucky ticket holder of that horse.

So, if you buy a ticket and are lucky enough to draw one of the horses in the big race, and it sells for, say, $600, you pick up $300, and $300 goes into the pool.

There will be a running pool total on the white board during the night so punters will be able to see the total grow as the nigh progresses.

Then everyone has the chance to purchase the horses at the auction and if you or your syndicate purchase one of the horses that finish in the top three on the following day at the Cup, you share in the total pool prize.

The pool is unknown at this stage as it depends on ticket sales and how exciting the auction gets so it’s anyone’s guess. On the night of the auction, the Jockey Club is also pleased to offer an original oil painting which has been donated by local artist Geoff Lumby.

Tickets are available from the Bingara RSL and the Jockey Club committee members.