Camping should continue on the banks of the beautiful Gwydir

December 15, 2008

Some camping will be permitted on the banks of the Gwydir River close to town, if the recommendations of the Community Services and Planning Committee are accepted by Council.

The issue wasdiscussed at the committee meeting held last Friday in Warialda, having been deferred from November’s Council meeting.

The committee has recommended to Council that some camping by non-resident, fully self-contained vehicles be permitted in restricted areas, which according to the committee meeting’s minutes, appear to be east of the bridge on the northern side of the river and west of Riddell St on both sides of the river up to a line drawn from West St across the river.

The committee has recommended that camping by non-residents without self-contained vehicles is prohibited within the Bingara Town area.

It has also recommmended that the maximum continuous length of stay per vehicle is to be no longer than four nights.

Also, that no grey or black water is to be released within the Reserve Area.

The recommendations will be considered at council’s December meeting which will be held on December 18 in Bingara.