Cannon tutors sculpting students

September 26, 2020

New to the art of sculpting, Warialda High School students have loved the opportunity to be part of the planned Tiki Philosophers Walk at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. Sculptor Kerry Cannon provided the materials, quotes, experience and expertise. Students and helpers provided open minds, hearts, hands and creative energy.

The process of conceptualising abstract ideas into 3-D artworks is complex. Most of the works were created by small groups of students who found the challenging exercise “fun”,”different”, “inspirational”…. “mad as”.

When completed, the Tiki Philosophers Walk will be a colourful addition to the ceramic break trek at the Park. The quirky figures and quotations from intellects such as Socrates, Confucius & Germaine Greer will challenge, amuse and delight at the stage of the bushland walk when the chance to rest and contemplate is welcome.