Ceramic Break’s Triennial Acquisitive Sculpture Competition winner to be announced

September 6, 2019

What a ripper this weekend is shaping up to be for the Gwydir Shire Community. On Saturday 7th September at 12 noon, 2 exhibitions open at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park and we will announce the winner of our first Triennial Sculpture Competition.

Across the Shire there is more than enough on offer for Art and Festival lovers, bargain hunters and those who just want a break from contemplating our lack of rain. Organise your time carefully and you will be able to visit and experience everything.

At Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, we are exhibiting the work of 2 Queensland artists who have been working in their respective fields for many years.

‘Wild at Heart’ is the exhibition of clay sculptor Maggie Brockie. She lives in the Granite Belt of Queensland and has been working with clay for more than two decades. This show exemplifies the artist, her skill and her delightful animals. Maggie’s pieces are made from clay that has been kiln fired and with the judicious addition sometime of wood or graphite or acrylic to create beautiful, tactile sculptures. Her love of Australian wildlife is apparent in every creation and each piece captures the essence of that animal; a crimson rosella gazes out soulfully, it is instantly recognizable from its round tummy and upright stance; a roly-poly looking echidna puggle elicits an affectionate smile from the viewer and the beautiful Carpet Python, sinuous and fat is either loved or not. There are many more, all illustrating the beauty and fragility of our wildlife.

Clay Sculpture for Sale – Due to the nature of this work, postage is not available

Posted by Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on Friday, 16 August 2019

‘Scorched’ is an appropriate title for the exhibition of pyrographer Sheila Turbefield, seen pictured. It is difficult to envisage how such a dangerous art form, burning wood with a heated object, can have such exquisite results, but look no further for the evidence. There is a wide range of subject matter in these burnings. It is easy to anthropomorphise these animals and in ‘Friends’ the faces of two emus, one resting her head upon the other gives a humorous perspective. Compare this with the lugubrious face of a gorilla to remind us of the serious side of life. In ‘Octopuses Garden’ Sheila has had fun with mixed media and her fractal burnings are reminiscent of elegant crystal structures. Pyrography is still little known in Australia but Sheila’s exhibition is guaranteed to spread the word.

Pyrography and wood carvings for sale

Posted by Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on Saturday, 10 August 2019

Recently Ceramic Break Sculpture Park has initiated 3 separate competitions. Beginning in 2018 we had a travelling quilt show; this year a sculpture prize and next year, 2020 we have a comic competition. At our opening on Saturday 7th September, the winner of the Triennial Acquisitive Sculpture Competition will be announced and the winning sculpture will become part of Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. We warmly invite you to come to our opening at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on Saturday September 7th from 12 noon until 5pm.

Entry is by gold coin donation and lunch and refreshments are provided. We are continuing our effort to encourage the reduction of plastic waste and anyone who brings their own utensils, plates or glasses will go into the draw to win a gorgeous Green Prize plant.

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