Cleaning up for cash

December 18, 2017

Bingara residents are able to take advantage of the NSW Government’s ‘return and earn’ container deposit program which began on December 1, thanks to Bingara IGA and Hardware owners, John and Karen Bishton.

Seth Keam and John Bishton show what type of containers are eligible for the Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

Seth Keam and John Bishton show what type of containers are eligible for the Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

Under the scheme, containers can be taken to the Hardware department of the store, where, between the hours of 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday, the containers will be counted, and customers can collect their refund of 10¢ per container from the checkout.

As the program is designed to reduce littering, Mr. Bishton said, only some drink containers are eligible. A two litre milk container, for instance, is not considered to be a ‘take away’ item for on-the-move consumption, so is not eligible. On the other hand, a 600 ml flavoured milk bottle is exactly the type of container the program is designed for. Most 150ml to three litre drink containers will be eligible for a 10 cent refund.

Container materials that may be eligible for a refund include:

• Glass
• Plastic
• Aluminium
• Steel
• Liquid paperboard (cartons)

Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and have the original label attached. Wine, spirits, cordial and plain milk containers are generally not eligible. The containers that are eligible in South Australia and Northern Territory are now eligible for the scheme in New South Wales. This can be used as a guideline.

Containers that can’t be deposited for a refund include:

• Plain milk (or milk substitute) containers
• Flavoured milk containers of one litre or more
• Pure fruit or vegetable juice containers of one litre or more
• Glass containers for wine and spirits
• Casks (plastic bladders in es) for wine or water of one litre or more
• Sachets for wine of 250ml or more
• Containers for cordials and concentrated fruit/vegetable juices
• Registered health tonics

Bingara boys, Seth Keam and Lachie Webb have been employed to count and record the containers after school, The return and earn scheme began in Bingara on Monday, and is proving popular. “We probably won’t save the world, but it will help,” Mr. Bishton