Colourful King returns as ‘Bird Palaces’ are installed at The Living Classroom

September 16, 2016

One of the ideas provided by many visitors to the ‘Wider Gwydir Vision 2030’ Roxy Café Shopfront over the past three weeks has been the development of tourism based on bird watching.

Gwydir Shire is well known for its wonderful range and diversity of bird life.

nest_boxes_tlcThe reason for its diversity is the fact that the western slopes of NSW provide an overlap of territory for the coastal birds from the east and the western birds from the continen­tal interior.

Pelicans, sea eagles and dotterels are as likely to be seen as budgeri­gars and corellas.

At The Living Classroom (TLC), the existing grassy box woodland ecosystem is being enhanced by the planting of a broad range of other trees and shrubs and the reli­able supply of water in its lakes and ponds.

Last week, Alan and Stacey Franks from the Sunshine Coast were at TLC to put in place more than twenty nest boxes in the white box and broad leaf ironbark trees on the site. (Pictured opposite)

The nest boxes will provide habi­tat for a wide range of birds as well as possums, gliders, and microbats. Alan and Stacey were funded by North West Local Land Services.

The nest boxes have been de­signed and fabricated by them and their company Hollow Log Homes P/L and have been established on many farms and reserves across eastern Australia.

Bingara's King ParrotsThe nest boxes supplement the natural hollows already to be found in our woodland areas. One poten­tial tenant is the King Parrot. The ‘king’ is a common resident in Gwydir.

The ‘colourful king’ shown in the picture has been sighted in the Ar­goon Street area of Bingara over the past three years.  Possibly a mutation or a cross with another parrot species, the ‘Colourful King’ is a male with a green mask and a distinctive yellow  wing.

The nest boxes at The Living Classroom can be viewed at any time. If you would like a guided tour, please contact the GLR Man­ager at Gwydir Shire Council, Rick Hutton on 0438 355 197.