Communities must regenerate

August 8, 2008

Since its establishment in 2005 Bingara and District Vision 20/20 has facilitated numerous projects and events in Bingara. These include the adoption of the theme REGENERATION, the creation of the community Vision document, establishment of the Bingara website –, promotion of the Narrabri-Bingara road as a tourist route, the popular ‘Shoot the Shire’ photographic competition, the Riverscape Project – which is about to become a reality – and a highly successful Regenerative Energy Conference in July.

The efforts are ongoing and on August 27 the Gwydir Shire Council and Vision 20/20 are proposing a community meeting to discuss the Commons Project.

"The greatest resource we have in this Shire is people", said retiring president Garry McDouall," in the past fifteen years Bingara has been revitalised, and is one of the few small towns in this area to have shown population growth in the last census.

"The vision of those people who saw what the Roxy could do for the town has been crucial, but small towns need to keep on coming up with new ideas in order to continue to grow. Vision 20/20 aims to keep that process alive."

"In a world of accelerating change we face new challenges which will bring opportunities as well as costs. Towns like Bingara only have sufficient population to support community and economic infrastructure; if that population is not maintained and increased we risk losing the infrastructure that keeps the town afloat."

"The district is very fortunate to have an exceptional shire council, whose councillors and staff are willing to consider change, and engage in dialogue with community groups. At the same time we are forging positive relationships with State and Federal government representatives who are inspired by the vision that Bingara residents have created."

Local resident and Vision 20/20 member Philippa Morris said "As much larger towns like Moree lose infrastructure – for example the recent closure of their cinema – the energy shown by Bingara residents in making sure that they stay ahead of the game becomes ever more apparent".